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Amin Family Law specializes in divorce mediation for couples who know they want to get divorced but don’t know how the process works. Our goal is to make the divorce process manageable.

Our Mission.

The mission of Amin Family Law is to help divorcing couples in Upstate South Carolina navigate the mediation process with respect and compassion.  We are here to help you build a path forward by facing the facts honestly and providing sound, practical information along the way.

Our Values.


Honesty is crucial during the mediation process. We believe in being honest with our clients and we expect clients to be honest with us and each other. The only way mediation will work is if we are all on the same page. 


We believe it is important to respect the wishes and concerns of our clients. Throughout the mediation process, we listen to what both parties have to say and find a way to reach common ground. 


Getting a divorce is not easy. When you’re making the decision to end your marriage, you need someone who understands the heartache. Choosing Amin Family Law means choosing a firm that will treat you with compassion from beginning to end.

About Me

Kristine is a family law attorney who is passionate about helping couples peacefully dissolve their marriage. With her years of experience, she is able to help couples reach an agreement through the mediation process. Kristine has spent a long time living in the Upstate and loves being able to use her skills as a mediator to help people in Greer and the surrounding community.

Kristine Braswell-Amin

Kristine Braswell-Amin

Family Law Attorney

Family Law Attorney Greer South Carolina Amin Family Law

Our Story.

Kristine was born in San Diego, California, but began calling South Carolina home at 5 years of age.  She graduated from the University of South Carolina – Spartanburg with a BS in Business Administration and the University of South Carolina with a Master in Personnel and Employee Relations.  After graduation from USC she was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the Air Force and spent the next 11 years as an Air Force Officer in various locations including South Korea.  Kristine was fortunate in having the Air Force send her to The George Washington University for a Master of Arts in Criminal Justice where she fell in love with the study of law.  After leaving the Air Force she attended law school at Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles, CA and was barred in California in 2003.  She practiced various types of law, but focused most of her private practice in family law.  After living in Los Angeles, CA for 14 years, she finally returned home to South Carolina and was admitted to the South Carolina Bar September 2016.  After working for the SC Judicial Department in the Family Court as an assistant to the Honorable Tarita A. Dunbar, she took a position as an associate with Carter, Smith, Merriam, Rogers & Traxler, P.A. in Greenville, SC.  

Although she enjoyed working with Carter Smith Law, she always knew that she would eventually open her own practice where she could focus on mediating divorce settlements. Her idea was to be a “one-stop-shop” for those couples who agree they want to be divorced, but just don’t know how the divorce process works.  As a skilled mediator, she can help couples obtain a full settlement agreement and also help them with the necessary paperwork they will need to finalize the process in court.  

Kristine’s family law passion is to help couples peacefully dissolve their marriages without going bankrupt or becoming a War of the Roses.  However, she is not afraid to put up a good fight if one is called for in a litigated divorce.  

Kristine is married to Dr. David J. Amin originally from Indiana and they have three children, Jessica (25), Alexander (24), and Katelyn (23).  Kristine and Dave are also “proud parents” of three dogs, four cats, a horse, a donkey, a pig and a snake.  Kristine is an avid cyclist, scuba diver and snow skier.  She is a member of the Greenville County Bar Association, the South Carolina Bar, the California Bar, the Haynsworth-Perry Inn of Court and the Greenville Rotary Club.  She is also an active mediator at Upstate Mediation Center voluntarily contributing her mediation skills and helping couples reach agreements.  

Frequently Asked Questions.

How much does a divorce cost?

The average mediation takes at least 6-9 hours (broken into 3 hour sessions) at a cost of $300 per hour which is normally shared by both spouses.  Of course, the time may be more or less depending upon the complication of the issues and if the spouses have talked about an agreement ahead of time.  Contrast that with each spouse hiring their own attorney at a cost of $250 – $350 per hour for each attorney.  Most attorneys require between $5,000-$10,000 as a retainer to take the case.  Once a complaint is filed, there may need to be a temporary hearing which will take the attorneys several hours to prepare for and attend.  Then there will be a period of discovery in which the attorneys will gather information from both sides.  The attorneys may also want to take the other spouse’s deposition. Eventually, the spouses will have to go to mediation before they can request a final trial in front of a judge.  At that mediation, the spouses will need to pay for both of their attorneys as well as the mediator.  If they are unable to come to an agreement then, there will need to be a trial, which requires many hours of preparation as well as many hours in the courtroom.

Do we each need our own attorneys for mediation?

Not necessarily.  If both spouses feel that they could work out an agreement if they just had some legal information, they can get legal assistance from an attorney-mediator who assists both parties.  The attorney-mediator gives each spouse legal information and may even do legal analysis, but the mediator will not give either spouse legal advice or take sides with either spouse.

What issues do we need to decide on at the mediation?

You will need to discuss how to divide up all of your assets (bank accounts, real estate, retirement accounts, personal property) and your debts (mortgages, credit card debts, school loans, any other loans).  You will also need to discuss how you will take care of your children and/or pets if you have them.  You may need to discuss if either spouse needs alimony and/or child support.

What happens after we reach the agreement?

The attorney-mediator will prepare all of the necessary paperwork for the spouses to file with the Court in order to have your agreement approved by the Court and turned into a Final Divorce Decree.  The mediator will also walk you through all of the steps necessary to finalize your case.

What happens if we can’t reach an agreement?
  1. Because the mediation process is confidential, the attorney-mediator cannot represent either one of the spouses in litigation.  If the spouses are not able to reach an agreement, they may then choose to hire their own attorneys to start the litigation process.  Once the litigation process has been started, the spouses may still return to the attorney-mediator to mediate their case.

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